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How to use Divining Rods

Here are some tips for using divining rods. Your skills will improve with practice, so keep working at it until you are comfortable working with the rods. Also see the instructional video page for demonstrations.

Holding Your Divining Rods

L-Rods are held one in each hand. The rod must rest flat over the index finger while the butt of the handle rests in the heel of the hand. This takes a little practice. Do not grip the handles, as the rods must float freely to work. You may, however, close your hand slightly to improve stability. Hold the rods at arms length away from the body and about 9 inches apart. Remember to keep the rods parallel with the ground or tipped very slightly downward.

Like most skills, your divining skill improves with practice.  Practice holding the rods correctly. It is important to hold the rods at arms length to get the sensing field away from your body. This improves sensitivity.  The rods will only perform well when parallel to the ground or with the tips slightly downward. Do not let the rod ends point upward or you will get unintended motion.  Divining depends on being able to sync your energy effectively with your target. When divining, relax and focus your mind on the chosen result of your effort. The more you practice this relaxation and focus, the more accurate you will be.

Testing Feng Shui

Divining Rods can be used to trace the flow of “Chi” though any space. This can refer to your home, garden, office or any other spaces. A single rod is used to trace the path of chi. For good feng shui, the chi must flow evenly though the pace. The Divining rod shows you the chi path so you can make adjustments to the organization of your space to direct the chi flow.

Start with a single l-rod held as described above. Begin at the entry to your space and do a brief visioning / relation process. Try to visualize chi energy and ask the rods to follow this energy path. Then, simply follow where the rod leads you. If areas in your space are skipped over, or you find yourself in a vortex (going in circles), make adjustments and try again. Happiness is a good chi flow. For more information on the basics of Feng Shui, try this site –  Wikipedia – Feng Shui

Find Lost Items

Divining Rods can be used to find missing items such as keys or your wallet. I believe this works because everything has an energy field and our common use of items trains our subconscious minds to identify with these fields. The divining rods can be used as a sort of antenna to help us find items.

Begin by relaxing and visualizing the item you are trying to find. Then, using one rod held as described above, ask the rod to lead you to the lost item. Then, simply follow the rod to find your items. The rods should lead you in a tight circle when it has found the item. If you have a 2-story space you are searching, be sure to check other floors if at first you don’t locate the item, as it has been my experience that the rods don’t know the difference between floors. They just align you in the 2-dimensional plane.

Divine the Unknown

Divining rods can also be used to provide information that is not revealed visually, such as the genders of unborn children and even physical maladies. Some alternative health providers use dowsing rods this way. Others may use them to decode the feelings of loved ones. This is a meditative activity and takes some practice, but you will soon build your skills. This process involves “asking” the rods “yes” or “no” questions. You can do this verbally or mentally.  Hold the two rods as described above, be sure to hold them at arms length. Relax and think about the question. The rods should cross for an affirmative answer. They will be non-responsive, or may repel for a negative answer.  The curious thing about this process is that accuracy increases with the level of overall self dis-interest in the answer. So, if you have high personal stakes in the answer, they seem to be less reliable.  Trying to pick lottery numbers or perform “fortune telling” this way is a fruitless exercise. The rods seem to recognize greed and self interest, and are not a substitute for the choices we make in life.

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4 thoughts on “Dowsing Instructions”

  1. would like to clarify above article-do not like to use the term fortune telling in regards to divining rods-yes or no answers are fine but as we all know we have free will and change the outcome with any divination process-please keep this in mind-I feel concern for this because the term fortune telling can be a negative concept associated with charlatans in the past. Divination is only a guide to help the individual understand where they are now and possible how to go forward with the insights of the diviner but again the individuals divinity will decide what the outcome will be. Thank you for the article.

    1. Hi Gail, I’m finally going through my comments on Thank you for your comment on my page regarding “fortune telling”. I get what you’re saying, and maybe that wasn’t the right term for me to use. What I was getting at referred to things like divining the genders of unborn children and the like. Not so much the types of things like who you might marry, or other things that come from choices. I’ll have a look back at the text and see if I can make it more clear. Thanks again for visiting my site and taking the time to comment.


  2. a buddy of mine uses diving rods every time he flips a house to find sewer crossings sprinklers and buried electric lines. I asked him where he got them and he said he made them. when i asked him if i could make a set he told me that they need to be trained. he never told me how to train them. i wanted to knowif thats is true and if so how do i train them. i made a set today and tried them out over known locations of burried sewer lines . they def. crossed right over the sewer.

    1. I am not familiar with a need to train the rods and have never done this. They normally work fine out of the box for those that use them. That being said, I’ve found that if you use a single set of rods consistently that they tend to perform better. Maybe this is what your friend was talking about. My main thought, however, is that there really isn’t any mojo in the rods themselves. They are more like an antennae that works with your personal mojo. It’s probably that you just get used to the rods after a while so they appear more comfortable. Thanks for the question!

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