Nature Sprite Divining Rods
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The Nature Sprite Has Left the Building.

After 13 fun years I’ve decided to close down internet sales for Nature Sprite Divining Rods. I really did enjoy sharing my hobby with so many customers from all over the world. It makes me happy knowing that my products have found so many great homes and helped people enjoy dowsing. This whole adventure started with a chance meeting with a dowser and my interest in the hobby. In fact, I started the business as a sort of lark, and it just stuck as so many people supported me. Today, however, I am busy with changing priorities in life and just don’t have the time to keep producing the products for all the web orders. I’ll still probably continue to make custom sets for the local market though. Maybe you’ll see them if you come to Ojai, CA.

To all my customers around the world, I thank you so much!

This website will live for a while since I still own the domain for a few more years. You can still access my instruction page and instructional videos at the links above.  If you’d like to purchase this domain name (www.naturesprite.com), please email me .  I can do much lower than this domain appraisal.

Website worth

While there are still no divining rods quite like Nature Sprite out on the market, there are still a number of purveyors out there with quality products. When I get around to it, I’ll post some links to my old competitors.

I may also use this platform to support the hobby of dowsing in some other way. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.


Colorful Hand-Made Divining Rods From Magical Ojai, CA.