Nature Sprite Divining Rods
Purveyors of Fine Dowsing Tools

Divining rods, also called dowsing rods have been used for centuries to find water and minerals.  They are also helpful around the garden for finding underground pipes and utilities, and around the home for testing Feng Shui and locating misplaced items. They are also a commonly used tool in geomancy. Dowsing works by detecting naturally occurring energies that surround us and all things. Many tools are available for dowsing, but the classic l-rods are a preferred tool because they are easy to use.

At Nature Sprite, we produce hand-made divining rods in an inspiring array of colors and patterns. The rods are made of copper-coated steel and wrapped with hand-dyed natural hemp twines. The result is a sturdy set of dowsing rods that work in all conditions and make a nice showpiece for your home.

We invite you to see our gallery of current styles and take your first steps into the age-old practice of dowsing.  You’ll find our available styles on our Shopping page. Now dowsing takes some concentration, but with practice, almost anyone can improve their abilities.  For tips on how to get started, see our Instructions page. To see how divining rods work, we have several instructional videos here as well. Dowsing has an interesting history, and attracts people of all walks of life. You can learn more about dowsing and the use of divining rods and find others that share your interests on our Links page.

Thank you for stopping by, if you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll help get you started.

Colorful Hand-Made Divining Rods From Magical Ojai, CA.